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Deploy MAG autonomous mobile robots to automate intralogistics operations with flexibility to change

the full solution via syncOS, our no-code platform

Take full control of the automation solution and MAG AMRs through our no-code platform, syncOS. Operators and supervisors can enjoy access to all essential configurations of MAG AMRs.

original deployment solution to varying requirements

We understand that operations can be varying and hence, we empower you to change the automation deployment setup by yourself. Template-based UI allows you to make these changes easily and quickly.

automation solution in few clicks with simple plug-ins

You can expand deployed automation solution from handful AMRs to a bigger fleet within few clicks on syncOS. Our standard plug-ins will allow existing solution to be easily integrated with any 3rd party solution.

Enabling Automation, Empowering Operators

syncOS is a system of integrated building blocks of automation which allows operators to easily change configuration with minimal technical knowledge. Each sub-system can be changed anytime to meet varying requirements and deploy it like a whole new solution.

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Built for any type of intralogistics operations

Our MAG autonomous robots can safely transport goods up to around factories and warehouses.

pallet lifter
Pallet Lifter
pallet lifter
Trolley Lifter
pallet lifter
pallet lifter
Trolley Tugger

Simple Transition to Intralogistics Automation

Our automation solution allows companies to deploy MAG autonomous mobile robots at existing factories and warehouses within few days to enjoy high productivity and reduction of manual dependency.

Looking to implement AMRs for the first time in your facility?

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