How did Botsync Labs start?

Botsync Labs started with the purpose of supporting robotics learning and accelerating the up-skilling of the workforce for Industry 4.0.

At Botsync Labs, we built mobile robots for learners, researchers and developers to use as a prototype kit or to accelerate their robotics research.

Open source to make learning easier

We develop open-source resources for our robots on our ROS Wiki & Github Pages. With our platforms and resources, we hope to support you in becoming robotics experts to build the next big thing. Find detailed tutorials, source code and software packages available here.


Our Robots



Indoor mobile robot for ROS learning, teaching and research.

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All-terrain mobile robot for outdoor robotics research or solution prototype.

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Key Features

  • Configurable

    The mobile robots are compatible with the open source Robot Operating System (ROS)

  • Indoor & Outdoor

    The reliable drivetrain & rugged design allows our robots to operate across indoor and outdoor environments

  • Multiple Add-ons

    A wide range of ROS compatible sensors, modules and manipulators can be easily integrated onto our mobile robots

  • Software Packages

    Easy to use software packages are available for all sensor configurations and autonomous navigation

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