MAG Pallet Conveyor for Warehouses or Manufacturing Plants

MAG Pallet Conveyor for Warehouses or Manufacturing Plants

Heavy pallets of loads up to 1000 kg are often handled through conveyor systems to minimize the manual handling of heavy loads. Pallet ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) is also used in warehouses for storage of pallets to avoid manual handling of pallets for storage/retrieval. This gives a great opportunity for customers to leverage end-to-end automation by automating movement of pallet ASRS input/output with a fleet of MAG Pallet Conveyor robots. With syncOS integrated with the pallet ASRS system, operators can be completely freed from handling pallets across the warehouse.

Some production plants make use of conveyor lines for pallet handling, mainly for moving raw material and finished goods. MAG Pallet Conveyor allows customers to utilize their existing conveyor setup by integrating the MAG robot fleet to automatically load/unload pallets from conveyor lines.

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