MAG300 Cage Lifter for Order Replenishment/Preparation

MAG300 Cage Lifter for Order Replenishment/Preparation

Order replenishment and preparation is one of the key activities across a third-party logistics warehouse facility. Warehousing companies who offer value-add activities for their customers would require movement of items in single piece or small volumes.

The MAG300 autonomous mobile robot with cage lifter module can be used to move consolidated materials such as small boxes, bins across warehouse or production sites. Such tote bins or boxes can be the input or output of an automated storage and retrieval system where the MAG300 robot can help to automate the manual movement of such materials around the warehouse. Consolidated boxes or tote bins can be loaded on to the cage/trolley which can be transported across to the packaging zone by the MAG300 autonomous mobile robot. The final packaged items can then be prepared for outbound shipping.

Reach out to us to find out more about how we can help to automate movement of such bins or boxes around your existing warehouse or production facility with minimal disruption to operations.

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