MAG Pallet Lifter for Warehouse Inbound Put-away

MAG Pallet Lifter for Warehouse Inbound Put-away

Daily inbound shipments are a regular part of warehouse activity, where operators are required to prepare the incoming shipments for storage. After unloading pallets from containers, operators perform checks, break bulk and prepare them for storage. Transfer of pallets from inbound staging to storage racking can be a tedious manual task, especially when the distance is significant.

A fleet of MAG Pallet Lifter robots can help to optimize this process by automating the transfer of pallets (up to 1000 kg) to storage aisles. After preparation of pallets, operators can simply schedule tasks for MAG robots to clear the pallets from the staging area. Alternatively, syncOSTM can be integrated with Warehouse Management System (WMS) to create an integrated automation solution.

If your current operation is heavily manual with other Material Handling Equipments (MHEs), do reach out to us to find out how we can help you easily transit to automation with AMRs.

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